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VoiceGuard System

Protecting You Personally

A spoken intruder warning at bedside/kitchen-counter can save your life: “Someone in Yard”, “Intruder in Carport”, etc.

VoiceGuard allows you to pre-record voice warnings for each zone that make instant sense indoors when someone trespasses at your perimeter. No fuss, no aggravation, no confusion or delay – just instant discreet warnings. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.


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Compass Tactical

Who we are

Founded in 2017, in Cape Town, South Africa, Compass Tactical is a young, energetic and creative company who are quickly making their mark within the security industry on the African continent. Pulling resources from government, police and private security backgrounds, all 3 directors are extremely passionate about protection. Having grown up in South Africa and being accustomed to 3rd world crime and risk, we understand the reality of threats in high risk environments.

Security is our core, there is nothing superficial about our approach to providing real and effective security. Having worked in many different African countries and the Middle East, Compass Tactical top management is no stranger to high risk environments. We specialise in facilitating all logistical and security requirements pre, during and post deployment into any African country. Backed by our sister company, Compass Guarding & Cleaning, founded in 2009, we cover all bases when it comes to the provision of any security services locally or internationally.

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